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Spare parts

Most of your spare parts available from stock

We care to take the right parts in stock, we do not think solely in terms of price and quality.
Our spares are engineered to assure long life and fit all CB, CMC, 2CB, CMP, CD2, 6CD2, 6CD4, 6CD6 8CD6 machines anywhere found in the world
40 years experience and working with Coaters and Decorators, we know precisely which parts are required most frequently. We carry the most used top 1000 sparesparts in stock. In addition, we have strict agreements with our suppliers giving us a more flexible delivery of another 4000 items. Rosario has contracts with the most commonly used forwarders, DHL, TNT and others ensuring swift transports times.
This means that you will have your spare parts in house within the shortest possible time.